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Chapter 6: Richer Representations: Beyond the Normal and Extensive Forms

  • Page number: 162
Line: 13 to 13
    • Name:Eugene Vorobeychik
    • Email:eug.vorobey@gmail.com
    • Content:The first paragraph implies that general-sum single-controller stochastic games can be solved in polynomial time. A special case of such games are general-sum finite-action games, for which no poly-time procedure exists. I believe what is meant are zero-sum single-controller games (I believe Filar and Vrieze (1997) offer a linear programming formulation for this case).
  • Page number: 175
    • Section number:6.4.2
    • Date:04/04/2014
    • Name:Haden Hooyeon Lee
    • Email:haden[dot]lee[at]stanford[dot]edu
    • Content:"However, if we run MyopicBestResponse with a = (L, U) ..." => (U, L) just to be consistent with the convention of this book that specifies the row player's action first.

The following errors are fixed in the second printing of the book and online PDF v1.1

  • Page number:
    • Section number:6.4.3
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