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Chapter 10: Protocols for Strategic Agents: Mechanism Design

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    • Section number: 10.4.2
    • Date: 09/12/2014
    • Name: Alexander Schiendorfer
    • Email: alexander.schiendorfer@informatikDELETEthisTEXT.uni-augsburg.de
    • Content: "The only way in which the declaration vˆi
      influences the maximization above
      is through the term v_i(x (\hat{v}))." This isn't quite true, is it? \hat{v}_i influences the result of x(\hat{v}) and thus also the term \sum_{j \neq i} x(\hat{v}). Nonetheless i has to set v_i = \hat{v}_i to obtain a maximizer for its best response.
  • Page number:
    • Section number:10.6.4
    • Date: 7/27/2010
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