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Chapter 5: Games with Sequential Actions: Reasoning and Computing with the Extensive Form

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    • Date:8/6/2010
    • Name:Kevin
    • Content:In Figure 5.7, change the "forall" to "for". (Under the previous wording, it is possible to understand that the different iterations are executed in parallel rather than sequentially.)
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  • Page number:136-142
    • Section number:5.2.3
    • Date:4/4/2014
    • Name:Haden Lee
    • Email:haden[dot]lee[at]stanford[dot]edu
    • Content:After Definition 5.2.8 (until the end of section 5.2.3), the book keeps using "I" to refer to a certain information set in "I_i" (for player i), but earlier in the book in Definition 5.2.1 the book defined I to be the tuple of the information sets of n players (namely, I = (I_1, I_2, ..., I_n)). This may lead to a huge change, but just to be consistent with the rest of the chapter, it might be wise to call it "I_{i, j}" or "I_{i, k}" (or such) instead of just "I".

The following errors are fixed in the second printing of the book and online PDF v1.1

  • Page number: 144
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