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Chapter 14: Beyond Belief: Probability, Dynamics and Intention

  • Page number:
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  • Page number: 460 (eBook version)
    • Section number: Definition 14.4.2
    • Date: 5/10/2009
    • Name: Richard Frankel
    • Email: [surname]@cs.stanford.edu
    • Content: The book currently says Before(\x{03d5}, ψ) ≡ ∀c(AboutToHappen(c;ψ?)) → ∃a((a ≤ c)∧AboutToHappen(a;\x{03d5}?)). The parentheses around the RHS antecedent seem unnecessary, and perhaps imply a more limited scope than desired for the universal quantifier. The following might be cleaner: Before(\x{03d5}, ψ) ≡ ∀cAboutToHappen(c;ψ?) → ∃a((a ≤ c)∧AboutToHappen(a;\x{03d5}?)). The definition of Later also has some unnecessary parentheses - "(\x{03d5}) ∧ (Eventually(\x{03d5}))" could probably just be "\x{03d5} ∧ Eventually(\x{03d5})".

The following errors are fixed in the second printing of the book and online PDF v1.1

  • Page number: 428 (print version)
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